Second Site News #027

26 January 2007

In this issue:

Second Site Version 1.9 (Build 13) Released

This is a maintenance release that includes a couple new features and fixes some issues discovered since the last release. Please see the Change Log for details.


Some users publish their sites on servers that assume that pages have been written in the utf-8 format. This caused problems where question marks and other unwanted characters appeared in the output. Second Site now includes support for utf-8 format pages, and so those users can avoid the problem with those web hosts. See HTML Character Set.

Internet Explorer 7

People using Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) reported a problem where exhibit images were not formatted properly when pages were viewed in that browser. As a result, I changed the image_page_template.htm file in all Themes. As shown below, the width parameter was moved from the inner DIV to the outer DIV:


<DIV CLASS=id><%=Wrapper("<DIV CLASS=ic STYLE=""width: " & _
Exhibit.Width & "px;"">", Exhibit.Caption, _


<DIV CLASS=id STYLE="width: <%=Exhibit.Width%>px;"><%=Wrapper("<DIV CLASS=ic>", _
Exhibit.Caption, "</DIV>")%><%=Exhibit.ImageTag%><%=Exhibit.Text%></DIV>

I removed the following line from site.sss in all Themes:

StyleOutput " display: table; width: 0px;"

Carla Graphics Theme and Generic Graphics Theme

The Carla Graphics Theme and Generic Graphics Theme required further changes for IE7. I removed the following line in the "#border" style:

StyleOutput " height:expression(""100%"");" ' only for IE '

I added the following lines in scripts.ssi in the Carla Graphics Theme and Generic Graphics Theme:

Page.LineOut " <!--[if lte IE 6]>"
Page.LineOut "  <style type=""text/css"">@import url(ie5and6.css);</style>"
Page.LineOut " <![endif]-->"


All existing customers are welcome to download this free upgrade. When you upgrade, you will not lose any SDF files or sites you have already made.

If you install the new version of Second Site on a PC that has a previous version installed, you will not need your registration information. If you need your registration information, and you do not have it, you must contact Wholly Genes. Out of respect for privacy concerns, Wholly Genes does not share registration information with me.

This copyrighted material may not be redistributed.

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